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Sep 30

Advances in Digital Asset Management

Video continues to grow in importance as an enterprise asset, but it remains difficult to manage at almost every stage, from capture to distribution, as well as subsequent access to stored content. “Among our clients, video is a top-of-mind concern,” says Anjali Yakkundi, senior analyst at Forrester. “However, many companies, even very large ones, don’t have a central repository for video or for their other rich media assets. The files are typically scattered in multiple locations, including Dropbox, SharePoint or share drives.”

That situation is not surprising because videos have multiple use cases that range from training and education to marketing and corporate communication, and different departments carry out those functions. However, improving management of video can have a rapid and significant return on investment, so organizations are increasingly motivated to address the issue. Moreover, being able to find not only a particular video but also information within the video is also growing in importance.


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May 30

Digital Assets Management System - Autonomy Virage MediaBin

Digital Assets Management System - Autonomy Virage MediaBin

Autonomy Virage MediaBin is the advanced and comprehensive solution to index, analyze, categorize, manage, retrieve, process, and distribute all types of digital assets within an organization.

Autonomy Virage MediaBin helps organizations with globally distributed teams to effectively manage, distribute, and publish digital assets used to promote their messaging, products, and brands.

Companies would benefit from higher-impact marketing and communications, greater agility, stronger brand equity, increased team productivity, and the security of knowing valuable corporate assets will be fully leveraged and preserved for the future. By providing self-service access to digital assets, marketing personnel no longer have to spend time fulfilling content requests.
Autonomy Virage MediaBin delivers rapid return on investment and can support implementations scaling up to the largest global enterprises.


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