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Feb 29

Data Security

Data security should be a priority in your organization.

For hackers, large-scale data breaches such as Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, and Staples are gold mines. For businesses, keeping valuable customer data out of the hands of cyber-thieves is a constant battle. Companies need to safeguard against every possible vulnerability across their entire infrastructure.


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Apr 22

Social Media Management and Information Governance

The social media landscape today has ballooned to include several different types of platforms from video or photo sharing to microblogs to short posts and activity feeds for all. With all of this newly introduced communication software, there becomes an increasing amount of data and data risk.

There are three layers of information governance involved with social media use within official organizations. Read on to learn what these layers are and what can be implemented within your organization to keep data compliant with legal, organizational and regulatory policies and procedures, as well as keeping data safe and free of risk.


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Sep 1

Role of Automatic Classification in Information Governance

Defensible disposal of unstructured content is a key outcome of sound information governance programs. A sound approach to records management as part of the organization’s information governance strategy is rife with challenges.

Some of the challenges are explosive content volumes, difficulty with accurately determining what content is a business record comparing to transient or non-business related content, eroding IT budgets due to mounting storage costs, and the need to incorporate content from legacy systems or merger and acquisition activity.


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Nov 1

Information Governance With SharePoint

Information Governance With SharePoint
The goals of any enterprise content management (ECM) system are to connect an organization's knowledge workers, streamline its business processes, and manage and store its information.
Microsoft SharePoint has become the leading content management system in today's competitive business landscape as organizations look to foster information transparency and collaboration by providing efficient capture, storage, preservation, management, and delivery of content to end users.
A recent study by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) found that 53% of organizations currently utilize SharePoint for ECM. SharePoint's growth can be attributed to its ease of use, incorporation of social collaboration features, as well as its distributed management approach, allowing for self-service. With the growing trends of social collaboration and enhancements found in the latest release of SharePoint 2013, Microsoft continues to facilitate collaboration among knowledge workers.


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Feb 1

Information - Governance, Risk and Compliance – GRC - Part 3

Information - Governance, Risk and Compliance – GRC - Part 3
In part 1 and 2 of my post about governance, risk, and compliance, I have described why information governance is important, where to begin with the information governance, and I started to describe what needs to be considered in information governance polices. In this my post I will describe information governance policies as they relate to for crisis management and e-discovery, and list general information governance control.
Information Governance for Crisis Management
Crisis management is set of procedures for unplanned situation that would prevent you from doing critical functions on your job.


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