Our Process

At Galaxy Consulting, we approach your needs in a manner that blends best practices, innovative solutions, and user-centered design.

We understand that every project is different and we approach it from entirely user-centered perspective. We know that anything we create, we create for users, so we keep user perspective in the center of everything we do.

We work with you to understand the needs and requirements of your business to determine how to successfully adapt best practices and innovative solutions to fulfill your needs.

Sometimes, a small, well-timed, targeted effort is all it takes to implement a business initiative. Sometimes, there is a broader scope that needs to be broken down and refined into the realities of user expectations in addition to business needs.

Whatever the scope of your project, you can depend on us for the highest quality service from Discovery to Deployment. We provide post-project Support to ensure long term success. As the result, you will save valuable time, reduce costs, and get your business performing with high efficiency. You will also meet regulatory and legal requirements.

The most important is that you will always receive the same level of attention and top-quality effort from our team of talented, skilled, and experienced professionals.


In the beginning of a project, we devote the time needed to understand challenges your company faces in your information management. We take into account how your people, your technology, and your information relate to one another.

We prepare an assessment of your goals and the plan required to realize these goals. We will map out the scope of the work and lay the foundation for the solution.


During this stage, we create solutions that overcome the challenges in managing your valuable information assets and that meet your needs. We use holistic approach in our solutions.


During this stage, we conduct user acceptance testing and thorough QA testing of the system to make sure that it does not have any technical issues and that it meets users' requirements.


During this stage, we implement our designed solutions.


During this stage, we will write documents supporting the system, train users, will do knowledge transfer to your staff, and maintain the system as long as you require.

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