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Oct 31

Taxonomy and Content Search

Taxonomy is very important for content search.

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Jul 31

Twelve tips to unlock the knowledge-ready advantage

1 Agile KM helps to stay focused and deliver quick wins. Agile methods can contribute to KM in a number of ways, said Bill Kaplan, founder of the consulting firm Working Knowledge. Pilot projects are a way of testing KM initiatives, direction and assumptions. KM challenges today include keeping up with operational tempo, adjusting to or creating new behavior and evolving new metrics. “KM is a long-term journey but you also need to show quick wins,” he said, pointing to after action review (AAR) methods as an example of a quick win. Agile KM helps an organization develop new possibilities, new mindsets and new capabilities.

2 Tie knowledge to learning. “It is not enough to promote a knowledge sharing culture; you need to promote a learning culture,” advised Nicole Sy, KM specialist at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She shared a range of case studies of Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Award winners from Hong Kong and China. KM metrics will also have to evolve and cover a range of activities and impacts, such as user adoption, knowledge sharing, user benefits and customer satisfaction. Different kinds of learning tools and channels can be explored. MTR, Hong Kong’s metro train system, uses its own video channel called M-Tube for training, and has produced a hilarious but effective video of KM practitioners in a rap song about the organization’s KM features.


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Jun 30

Information Security

Data is not just critical to business it is core. It is the essence of a company’s function. Big data is a major part of that flow, and the more customer data that is out there, the more it needs protection.

As big data gathers momentum, incorporating security into planning and processes in the early stages of a project are becoming more important. The big data revolution is just getting started,” adds Munshani, “and will present major security challenges if its data management is not carefully planned.

Formerly the exclusive domain of IT, information security has now become the domain of everybody including content and knowledge managers.


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May 17

Yammer and SharePoint

Enterprise social network vendor Yammer was a large and fast growing player when Microsoft acquired it in late 2012. Yammer has users in more than 150 countries, and the interface is localized into more than 20 languages.

At its core, Yammer is a micro-blogging service for employees to provide short status updates. Whereas Twitter asks, “What’s happening?” Yammer asks, “What are you working on?”


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Mar 27

E-Discovery and its Stages

Every organization should take necessary steps to be prepared for E-Discovery. What is E-Discovery?

Electronic discovery or E-Discovery refers to discovery in legal proceedings such as litigation or government investigations where the information is sought is in electronic format. This information is often referred to as electronically stored information or ESI.


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