Content Management

What is content?
In recent times information is typically referred to as content. Content is any type or unit of information. It can be text, images, graphics, video, sound, documents, records, etc. It can be in digital format or it can be in hard format. Digital content may take the form of text, such as documents, multimedia files, such as audio or video files, or any other file type which follows a content lifecycle which requires management.
We all use content management to some degree. In the early stages of the company's life, information is stored in the folder system on a network hard drive. This folder hierarchical system is set up by one person and as the company grows the location of content within the folders is passed on via written procedures or more likely through word-of-mouth.
It is cheap and easy to use when the amount of content is small. As the company starts taking on more projects, developing more products, and hiring more employees the amount of content increases and so does the amount of people needing access to that information.
Content Management is the set of processes, strategies, methods, tools, and technologies used to capture, manage, store, publish, preserve, and deliver content.
These processes, strategies, methods, tools, and technologies allow managing content through its lifecycle from its creation, review, storage, and dissemination to destruction.
Main goals are accessibility, findability, and re-use of content.
How do we achieve this? This is the talk for tomorrow.
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