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  • Content Management Systems Reviews - Documentum - Digital Asset Manager

Content Management Systems Reviews - Documentum - Digital Asset Manager

I started to describe Documentum in my last post. I described Enterprise Content Management Platform and Documentum Webtop. The subject of my today's post is Documentum Digital Asset Manager.
Documentum Digital Asset Manager (DAM) allows to manage all digital assets, rich media, and traditional documents in one interface. It provides enhanced capabilities to effectively manage rich media in addition to the complete set of enterprise content management capabilities.
DAM is a part of a total Documentum Enterprise Content Management Platform. It can be used to:
  • implement rapid changes to digital assets while maintaining consistency and control; 
  • repurpose rich media regardless of platform or file format; 
  • perform fast search, retrieval, and delivery of digital assets; 
  • deliver enhanced media handling capabilities to your organization.

 Content Management Systems Reviews - Documentum - Digital Asset Manager

DAM provides easy to use, web-based interface to the unified Documentum content management platform. When enhanced with EMC Documentum Content Transformation Services (CTS) products, Documentum enables the same automation, control, and availability for images, audio, and video that it provides for traditional enterprise content.
DAM allows user to access it from any Windows or Macintosh browser. Users with appropriate permissions can also access administrative controls from DAM interface.
Digital Asset Manager has the following capabilities:
Content Management Functions - provides essential content management services such as:
  • Workflow: View inbox, view and initiate workflows, and route documents. 
  • Lifecycle: assign lifecycle stage to any object created within DAM. 
  • Search: search the entire Documentum repository using keywords and other metadata. 
  • "Quick Search" feature is always available without launching the full search dialog. 
  • Version Control: manage and access the versions of any rich media asset or document in the repository. 
  • Security: control the set of users, groups or roles that can access content within the repository. 
  •  Rendition Management: import, view, and create new renditions such as low resolution JPEG or web-ready GIF. 
  • Relation Browsing: user can detect and navigate the relationships between assets. 
Loupe Display: zoomed view of each asset by rolling a mouse over the top of thumbnail.
Multi-size Thumbnail Display: view the contents of any folder or the results of any search as select a thumbnails size – small, medium, large.
Active Preview: view contents of multi-page documents (PDF, Word, PowerPoint) page by page with an optimized, web-based pare preview and storyboard navigation interface.
File Sharing for Macintosh Users: share Mac-created files with Mac and PC users by stripping the resource fork when a Mac file is checked out to a PC user and maintaining it for Mac users.
Collections: create, share, manage, transform into specific formats or download content that is grouped together to allow users to exchange ideas related to a particular task or project.
Intellectual Property Rights Management: capture and communicate intellectual property rights associated with assets and extend this framework to third-party tools. This feature includes the ability to create customized rights objects, view associated objects under rights management, search on rights metadata, assign rights on import, check-in, and apply existing rights to assets.
Asset Usage Tracking: view the history associated with a particular asset including who, when, where, and why it was used.
Comprehensive File Transformation: repurpose or render existing content into new formats and resolutions with an easy to use wizard that controls the features provided by Documentum Content Transformation Services products. You can transform single or multiple documents automatically or on demand. For example, automatically convert high resolution print images to low resolution JPEGs and turn commercial video into streaming formats.
Media Profile Creation and Modification: an easy to use wizard to create new profiles for Documentum Content Transformation Services products that control what transformation are available and what they do; you can also chain multiple profiles for more advanced media processing.
Transformation Queue Monitoring: you can see what tasks are currently being processed Documentum Content Transformation Services products configured against given repository; you an monitor where specific items are in need of priority.
PowerPoint Assembly: search and review PowerPoint presentations without having to download and open them on your desktop. You can use thumbnails to select, assemble, re-template, and save slides into a new presentation.
Video Details: you can preview video and flash content through enhanced previews such as storyboards using SMPTE time codes, embedded video preview with play-from-frame streaming capabilities, and text-track management.
Authoring Tool Support: configure Digital Asset Manager to tightly interoperate with My Documentum for Desktop, resulting in seamless user experience when working with authoring tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and QuarkXPress.
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