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Content Management Systems Reviews - Documentum - Federated Search

Documentum Federated Search is a suite of products designed to solve the problem of finding information quickly. Federated Search Services is comprised of two server-based components, the Federated Search Server and Federated Search Adapter Packs, and two client-level options – Webtop Federated Search and Discovery Manager. These options enable organizations to quickly search for information stored in a myriad of sources and data formats.
Federated Search Server
Federated Search Server manages federated searches through a query broker and source adapters to provide relevant results in real time while leveraging the local index and security permissions of each source being queried. The result: the most relevant and secure real-time search results which are organized in an intuitive manner.
Key Features: 
  • Quickly access relevant information across countless sources with a single query executed from an easy-to-use, web-based interface.
  • Search multiple internal and external information sources right out of the box, including Documentum repositories, network file shares, Documentum e-Room and other Documentum products, Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Ensure secure access to content by respecting security permissions set at the information source being searched. This ensures that queries only return only those search results that the user is authorized to see.
  • Retrieve information from sources whether or not they support the Documentum query language. The Federated Search Server adapts the query automatically and performs post-filtering to compensate for sources that do not support specific operator or metadata. 
Federated Search Adapter Packs and Federated Search SDK
Federated Search Adapter Packs are sets of out-of-the box adapters that provide access from the Federated Search Server to information sources by leveraging native data structure, metadata or index of the information sources being searched. Each adapter gathers relevant search results which are then filtered and presented to the end user in the real time in an intuitive manner. Adapter packs are available as a three-pack, ten-pack or unlimited pack.
Federated Search SDK provides a powerful developer toolkit to customize or create adapters based on industry standards as well as source code and a library of common APIs, including Java API to customize the Discovery Manager client for bespoke applications.
Key Features: 
  • Adapter Library: out-of-the box source adapters, including adapters for government and industry databases, local content archives, enterprise applications, web services, or bundles of adapters for Pharma and Science.
  • Enterprise repositories include: Documentum products, FileNet Panagon Content Services, IBM Lotus Domino/Notes, Open Text LiveLink, Oracle database, Symantec Enterprise Vault, and others.
  • Search engines include Autonomy, Google Search Appliance,, Yahoo, Microsoft Index Server, Open Directory, and others.
  • Technology standards include HTTP, JDBC/ODBC, SOAP, Web Services, Z39.50
  • Content providers include Factiva (news), IDRAC, Lexis Nexis (news and legal).
  • Intelligence Services
  • With Documentum Intelligence Services added to the Documentum Content Server, content metadata can be improved helping to produce even more precise search results.
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