• Content Management Systems Reviews - Documentum - Records Management

Content Management Systems Reviews - Documentum - Records Management

EMC Documentum Record Management Solution helps organizations to comply with legal and regulatory requirements for documents retention. This solution allows to capture and manage records generated in the company allowing for its automation. It also expands classic records management with features that track and dispose of non-records in order to reduce discovery costs and mitigate legal risks.
Records management solution is fully unified with Documentum content management platform.
Key Benefits
Risk Mitigation – reduce your content liability by disposing of records and non-records once they fulfilled all legal and regulatory and compliance obligations.
Automation – automate the capture and classification of records.
Comprehensive Management – manage all records regardless of file type or content type.
Centralized Management – allows to manage all records in one place regardless of disparate repositories and regardless of type or location.
Flexibility – it can be aligned with your needs as necessary.
Seamless Integration – integrate with your systems infrastructure including SharePoint.
File Plan Administration – organize recordkeeping requirements across the enterprise with corporate and departmental taxonomies.
Platform Unification – simplify user retrieval with files that remain in place and preserve audit trail integrity for documents creation.
Physical Records Support – manage paper, microfiche, and other types of hard copy records.
Classification – organize records manually or automatically to specify authorities and disposition instructions.
Management of Compound Records – manage multiple documents as single record.
Records Disposal – ensure timely disposal with automation tools for identifying eligible records, requesting authorizations, and scheduling deletions.
Microsoft Integration – declare records within Microsoft Office products including SharePoint.

Automated Capture – integrate Line-of-Business (LOB) systems with little or no customization.
The solution provides: document expiration dates, superseding or prior versions, notifications and reminders, reports, disposition console, automation, digital shredding.
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