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  • Content Management Systems Reviews - FatWire

Content Management Systems Reviews - FatWire

FatWire Software is web content and experience management software which powers web presence for organizations, allowing them to deliver relevant customer content, build community engagement and drive site stickiness and loyalty.
FatWire Software was a privately held company selling web content management system software. It was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2011, and its products rolled up into Oracle's WebCenter product lines.
FatWire solutions are powered by content server, which combines complete business user control over the creation and presentation of content with a scalable architecture for dynamic content delivery and multi-site deployment.
FatWire Key Strengths 
  • FatWire provides web content management (WCM) solutions that enable organizations to deliver a rich online experience to users and to simplify management of their web presence.
  • FatWire offers a comprehensive web experience management (WEM) portfolio including WCM and targeted marketing technologies, plus enterprise 2.0 collaboration and content integration capabilities.
  • Organizations can harness the power of FatWire solutions to rapidly and cost effectively deploy large numbers of web sites and deliver a compelling web experience to customers and partners.
  • With FatWire, customers can optimize the web experience while increasing customers loyalty and sales.
FatWire Technology
The product has a strong Java foundation and is J2EE-based, relying on servlet engine support from market leading J2EE application servers. FatWire Content Server supports management of both content and code, allowing organizations to not only manage and deploy content but also stage and deploy an entire Web site. The product provides comprehensive Web services API for the development of dynamic, personalized sites in JSP and ASP.NET.
FatWire includes the following products:
  • FatWire Content Server
  • FatWire TeamUp
  • FatWire Analytics
  • FatWire Engage
  • FatWire Community Server
  • FatWire Gadget Server
  • FatWire Mobility Server
  • FatWire Content Integration Platform
FatWire Content Server
  • Empowers business users to manage content with powerful, easy-to-use interfaces including in-context content editing, drag-and-drop page layout, time-based site management, and more.
  • Ensures consistency and accuracy with central management of multiple sites in multiple languages.
  • Delivers a personalized web experience for site visitors with high-speed dynamic delivery of targeted and multi-lingual content.
  • Organizes and manage large volumes of content including extensive product catalogs, with flexible tools for managing complex product taxonomies and hierarchies.
  • Supports high volume, enterprise-class deployments with a highly scalable infrastructure and robust enterprise security and access control.
  • Automates the entire process of managing web content, including authoring, site design, content publishing and deployment, content targeting, web content analytics, and user participation.
FatWire TeamUp
  • Facilitates both internal collaboration and external website communities.
  • Helps organizations to dramatically improve the productivity of internal creative teams, and to build and strengthen interactions with customers and other stakeholders.
  • Strikes the perfect balance between freeform collaboration and enterprise needs for scalability, security, and monitoring.
FatWire Analytics
  • Offers tracking and reporting on individual assets, promotions, and visitor segments.
  • Gives editors and marketers the ability to immediately determine whether a given piece of content is effective for a customer segment.
  • Works with FatWire Content Server and FatWire Engage to enable real-time tracking and optimization.
FatWire Engage
  • Empowers marketers to set up and manage targeted online campaigns.
  • Gives marketers easy-to-use interfaces for defining what content will be delivered to each customer segment online, and to tweak those recommendations as needed, based on the effectiveness of content.
FatWire Community Server
FatWire Community Server offers user generated content (UGC) features to create an engaging website experience. These capabilities integrated with the rest of the WEM suite, for robust manageability and scalability. With FatWire Community Server, organizations can:
  • easily implement social features such as comments, ratings, reviews and blogs on new or existing websites;
  • employ user generated ratings or reviews to influence and change the content of dynamic sites;
  • harness UGC for the benefit of the business by using and re-using UGC assets throughout the site to deliver value for site visitors;
  • easily moderate and manage UGC with flexible tools to meet enterprise standards.
FatWire Gadget Server
Web site visitors expect to receive information that is tailored to their needs and can change as their interests change. Gadgets are an important tool for delivering this. Gadgets are small applications that can be placed on web sites to provide a specific function or type of information, and can be personalized by site visitors. FatWire Gadget Server uses the power of gadgets to help organizations:
  • enable site visitors to quickly and easily create their own gadget dashboards by selecting the gadgets they would like to use from a list made available to them by the organization;
  • offer end user personalization of gadgets so site visitors can tailor gadget content to meet their specific needs;
  • enable business users to easily set up their own gadgets made of internal content, based on out-of-the-box gadgets provided with Gadget Server;
  • add their gadgets or third-party gadgets to any page of their web presence;
  • syndicate their gadgets to third-party sites for enterprise content syndication.
FatWire Gadget Server is built on the OpenSocial/Google Gadget standards so that any compliant third-party gadgets can be incorporated with FatWire gadgets on FatWire sites. And gadgets built with FatWire Gadget Server can be incorporated into any OpenSocial/Google Gadget standard compliant web page.
With Gadget Server organizations can offer site visitors the ability to personalize their own web experience, driving loyalty and repeat visits. Gadget Server also gives organizations the ability to extend their brand and business reach through syndicating out their content or functionality.
FatWire Mobility Server
Enables organizations to deploy their web content seamlessly on thousands of mobile devices. Whether traditional web content or community content, companies can enable their users to engage with their organization via the mobile channel.
FatWire Content Integration Platform
The FatWire Content Integration Platform lets organizations quickly access stored content across the enterprise, publishing it to their public web sites, intranets and extranets managed by FatWire Content Server. The solution employs strict enterprise standards for maintaining version control, access policies, and workflow applied to documents and content shared, and lets FatWire customers utilize Content Server interfaces to access content from throughout their various business silos for online use with minimal effort.
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