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  • Content Management Systems Reviews - Open Text

Content Management Systems Reviews - Open Text

Open Text Corporation is the software company which provides enterprise content management (ECM) software solutions. This software combines content lifecycle management, business processes, and collaboration. It includes the underlying platform to manage most content types, ranging from user generated content in social networks to data in enterprise resource management systems. These ECM technologies can be used to address end user engagement, business agility, and cost and risk reduction.
Open Text sells software licenses including support and maintenance, offers worldwide consulting services, software training, and individual support packages.
Because Open Text has many products that would be interesting to you, it is impossible for me to describe all of them in one post. I am going to break up the description of Open Text products into few posts. Today, I am going to describe Open Text product offerings in general. In my future posts, I will describe specific products.
Major Open Text Product Offerings
Open Text ECM Suite
The Open Text ECM Suite integrates multiple technologies for document management, records management, web content management, portal, digital asset management, email management, and content lifecycle management. Other components include electronic discovery, auto-classification, document capture, document imaging and digital faxing solutions. The suite provides functions for team collaboration, forums, blogs, wikis, and real-time instant messaging and collaboration. These functions are connected through business process management tools to each other and to other business applications and processes.
Open Text eDocs
Open Text eDOCS products (formerly Hummingbird Enterprise), complement the Open Text ECM Suite. They are integrated with OpenText ECM Suite. eDocs products are used for managing all forms of content and also include collaboration, forums, blogs, wikis, instant messaging, and provide business process management tools. These products are widely used in pharmaceutical companies.
Open Text StreamServe Products
Part of the Open Text ECM Suite, Open Text StreamServe products are customer communications management software solutions that help organizations process and deliver highly personalized documents in any paper or electronic format. They enhance customer interaction capabilities enabling the automation of customer communications for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, as well as customer service scenarios.
Designed to address the "last mile" of communication between an organization and its customers, StreamServe products help to improve and expand business relationships and customer experience. They enable companies to automatically create personalized documents in high volumes through rules-based dynamic assembly and present them to customers, partners, and suppliers in multiple formats and through any channel they prefer.
Open Text StreamServe products scale across a company's document-driven business processes and are designed for easy integration with ERP and supply-chain systems and applications, including those from SAP.
Simple to deploy and maintain, StreamServe products deliver dynamic composition, document process automation, and output management capabilities to meet the demanding challenges of today’s businesses for producing and delivering highly customized documents in any format.
Open Text Business Process Management Products
Open Text Business Process Management solutions (formerly Global 360 and Metastorm) address the broadest spectrum of process improvement needs. From enterprise architecture and business process analysis to delivering platforms for case management and business process management applications.
OpenText MBPM is the industry leading solution for rapid design and deployment of process solutions for mission critical business applications.
Open Text Process360 for Microsoft SharePoint accelerates the delivery of process applications that leverage your Microsoft technologies (SharePoint, SQL, Lync, Office, Visio, etc.) while improving the management of people and processes.
Open Text Case360 is the solution that allows businesses to rapidly create and deploy business process applications built on a dynamic case management foundation.
Open Text Provision for Enterprise Architecture offers multi-layered visibility into business strategies, including how people, processes, systems, and technologies can be aligned to attain them.
Open Text Provision for Business Process Analysis allows business and IT users to collaborate on process analysis and design to support business process improvement initiatives.
Open Text Portfolio Products
OpenText Portfolio offerings include the following distinct content and data management products and services that are designed to fulfill specific requirements:
Open Text Connectivity Solutions (Hummingbird)
Open Text Content Lifecycle Management, RKYV Edition
Open Text Content Viewing Solutions (Spicer)
Open Text Document & Report Management for IBM AS/400 iSeries (Gauss)
Open Text Eloquent Media Server
Open Text Fax & Document Distribution (Captaris)
Open Text FirstClass
Open Text Integrated Document Management (IDM)
Open Text Records & Documents, Vignette Edition (VRD)
Open Text Report & Output Management (Vista Plus)
Open Text Social Workplace
Open Text Web Site Management (RedDot)
Open Text Workflow Server, .NET Edition (Captaris Workflow)
Please follow me on this blog for a description of individual Open Text products.
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