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  • Solution to Information Overload

Solution to Information Overload

“The information in the world doubles every day. What they don’t tell us is that our wisdom is cut in half at the same time.” -- Joey Novick

Management of information is the solution to the information overload. The true value of information is not its immediate use. In order to effectively use information, it must be readily available for analysis and synthesis with other information.

In recent times information is also referred to as content. Content usually follows life cycle. Information or content management covers the entire scope of content whether it is in the form of a paper document, an electronic file, a database, audio, video or an email.

Why do we need to manage content?
There are few reasons to manage content:
  1. Central documents repository
  2. Enable collaboration
  3. Eliminate paper records
  4. Automate processes
  5. Protect sensitive information
  6. Improve control of information
  7. Increase efficiency, and productivity
  8. Reduce cost
  9. Improve legal and regulatory compliance
Next time - more about content management.
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