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Jul 7

Video Instant Messaging for Collaboration and Knowledge Management

Video Instant MessagingDue to falling costs, high-availability data connections, smart mobile devices, and the growth of cloud computing, knowledge management and enterprise collaboration are undergoing something of a rebirth. Most enterprise collaboration remains centered on documents. There is an opportunity to extend beyond document-centric tasks to other collaborative, linear, process-oriented work. Simple to use video instant messaging (VIM) technology may be very useful in this much needed shift.

Today, most companies use video for:

  • team conferencing;
  • customer interaction/service support;
  • pre-recorded-corporate communications;
  • an alternative to text for training/education.

Beyond those areas, VIM functionality is just starting to arrive to companies. There are different opinions about VIM. like it and feel it helps tocreate a better "human connection," and others don't like it and claim that it invades their privacy. In fact, the most common arguments in favor of and against the use of video are surprisingly similar to one another and suggest a cultural split that can be difficult to bridge or even manage.

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