Jul 30

GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance is being enforced. The GDPR has already garnered international attention, with similar legislation in the works in countries like China, Japan, India, Brazil, and New Zealand. Attention around the GDPR has been mounting in US. Beyond the United States and the other countries already mentioned, most experts predict that an even wider rollout of consumer data protections is inevitable.

Since GDPR took effect, Google was fined nearly $57 million for processing personal data for advertising purposes without obtaining the required consumer permissions. Google also failed to adequately inform consumers about how their data would be used, nor did it provide enough information about its data consent policies.

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Mar 28

Purpose of Document Control and its Role in Quality Assurance

GxP/GMP, GDocP, ISO 9000 and documentation

GxP stands for "Good Practice" which is quality guidelines and regulations. The "x" stands for the various fields, for example Good Documentation Practice or GDocP, Good Financial Practice or GFP and so on. There are many instances of these regulations. One instance of GxP is Good Manufacturing practice or GMP.

GMP describes required Quality Management System (QMS) for manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance in order to ensure that products are safe, pure, and effective. GMP has ultimate goal to enable companies to minimize or eliminate contamination and errors which protects consumers from purchasing a product which is not effective or even dangerous. GMP regulations are required to be used in regulated industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and cosmetics.

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Feb 24

508 Compliance and Content Management

Section 508 compliance seems tricky and confusing, but its implementation on content management systems is vital for many organizations. According to the United States Census Bureau, about one in five Americans are impaired with some sort of disability. That is a rather large number of people that you do not want to ignore.

All federal and state agencies of the U.S. government are required to meet section 508 standards for accessibility. This law was established in 1998 to require that all technology used by the federal government to be accessible to those with disabilities. This includes those with visual, audible, physical or cognitive impairment.

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Mar 14

Compliance With Privacy Regulations

Compliance With Privacy Regulations Recently, high-profile cases involving breaches of privacy revealed the ongoing need to ensure that personal information is properly protected. The issue is multidimensional, involving regulations, corporate policies, reputation concerns, and technology development.   Organizations often have an uneasy truce with privacy regulations, viewing them as an obstacle to the free use of information that might help the organization in some way.
But like many compliance and governance issues, managing privacy will offer benefits, protecting organizations from breaches that violate laws and damage an organization's reputation. Sometimes the biggest risks in privacy compliance arise from the failure to take some basic steps. A holistic view is beneficial. Read more
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Nov 1

Information Governance With SharePoint

Information Governance With SharePoint The goals of any enterprise content management (ECM) system are to connect an organization's knowledge workers, streamline its business processes, and manage and store its information.   Microsoft SharePoint has become the leading content management system in today's competitive business landscape as organizations look to foster information transparency and collaboration by providing efficient capture, storage, preservation, management, and delivery of content to end users.   A recent study by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) found that 53% of organizations currently utilize SharePoint for ECM. SharePoint's growth can be attributed to its ease of use, incorporation of social collaboration features, as well as its distributed management approach, allowing for self-service. With the growing trends of social collaboration and enhancements found in the latest release of SharePoint 2013, Microsoft continues to facilitate collaboration among knowledge workers. Read more
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