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Content Management Systems

May 8

Content Management Systems Reviews - Open Text - ECM Suite - Content Lifecycle Management

Content Management Systems Reviews - Open Text - ECM Suite - Content Lifecycle Management In my last post about Open Text, I started describing Open Text ECM Suite. The subject of my today's post is Open Text ECM Suite - Content Lifecycle Management. Content Lifecycle Management includes document management, imaging, records management, and archiving.   Managing, controlling, and securing content is critical to an organization’s overall information governance strategy. OpenText ECM Suite, Content Lifecycle Management gives organizations ECM solutions to manage content throughout its entire lifecycle.   Features   Fully featured, highly scalable, web-based document management provides a secure, single repository for organizing and sharing enterprise content.   Workflow automates processes, such as change requests and approval, for accuracy and consistency. Processes can be designed according to corporate or regulatory standards. Read more
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May 4

Content Management Systems Reviews - Alfresco

Content Management Systems Reviews - Alfresco In my post about open source content management systems (CMS), I mentioned that Alfresco, Drupal, Joomla, Apache Jackrabbit, Liferay are just few of the open source CMS. In this post, I will describe Alfresco which is very popular CMS.   Alfresco is an enterprise content management system for Microsoft Windows and Unix like operating systems. There are two types of Alfresco: Alfresco Community Edition and Alfresco Enterprise Edition. Alfresco Community Edition is free software. Alfresco Enterprise Edition is commercially and proprietary licensed open source for an enterprise. Its design is geared towards users who require a high degree of modularity and scalable performance.   It includes a content repository, an out-of-the-box web portal framework for managing and using standard portal content, a CIFS interface that provides file system compatibility on Microsoft Windows and Unix like operating systems, a web content management system capable of virtualizing webapps and static sites via Apache Tomcat, Lucene indexing, and Activiti workflow. The Alfresco modular architecture is developed using Java technology. Read more
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Apr 26

SharePoint - Blog Sites

SharePoint - Blog Sites A blog is a Web site that enables you or your organization to quickly share ideas and information. Blogs contain posts that are dated and listed in reverse chronological order. People can comment on your posts, as well as provide links to interesting sites, photos, and related blogs.   Blogs posts can be created quickly, and they often have an informal tone or provide a unique perspective. Although blogs are frequently used for commentary on the Internet, they can be used in several ways in a corporate environment. For example, in one of companies I worked, maintenance employees were using a SharePoint blog to document their findings during the site visit and their supervisor to respond by posting comments to their posts.   A SharePoint blog is a site that contains lists and libraries, such as a list of blog posts, a list of other blogs, and a library for photos. Once you create a blog, you can set up categories, and then customize the blog settings. Read more
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Apr 24

Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS)

Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) The proliferation of information has made enterprise content management a necessity for most organizations. Managing the growing amounts of content generated throughout the normal course of daily operations requires flexible, rapidly deployed solutions that transform traditional content repositories and static intranets into dynamic, user friendly work environments. However, content management solutions from proprietary vendors could be expensive for some organizations. Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) could be a solution when budget is an obstacle in implementing enterprise content management initiative.   Open source ECM solutions have matured over the past several years, equaling the capabilities of proprietary software, and have been successfully deployed in major enterprises worldwide. They can support web content management, document management, records and email management, and collaboration. Today’s leading commercial open source ECM solutions feature all of the capabilities that proprietary applications offer - from rules-based content repositories to collaboration features combined with enterprise-grade scalability, reliability, and security. Read more
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Apr 21

Content Management Systems Reviews - Open Text - ECM Suite - Document Management

Content Management Systems Reviews - Open Text - ECM Suite - Document Management Open Text ECM Suite - Document Management (formerly Livelink ECM - Document Management) is a document management solution that provides full lifecycle management for any type of electronic document. Document Management provides a single, authoritative repository for storing and organizing electronic documents. Web based interface and open architecture make it easy to deploy.   It is the powerful, fully integrated content management system that delivers the essential capabilities for managing documents. You can store, organize, access, and manage documents in an organized, hierarchical structure. Version control and audit trail functions ensure accuracy and currency. Powerful search functionality allows users to easily find what they need when they need it. Classification and metadata identify content authors and stakeholders so users can quickly find subject matter experts.   Documents from across entire organization can be consolidated within a centralized web-based interface. Each user has access to a personal workspace which can be customized to suit individual preferences and enhance the overall user experience. By allowing users to organize information intuitively, they can quickly access what they need. Read more
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