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Data Security

Mar 31

Digital Trust

While consumers have happily shared personal data on social platforms in return for greater connectivity and shared experiences, recent news about data harvesting has caused alarm. Many companies that rely on consumer insight are rethinking how to build digital trust and make it sustainable.

A study of 25,000 consumers across 33 countries, the majority of 92 % of which are U.S. consumers say it’s extremely important that companies protect their personal information. Another 79 % say it’s frustrating to realize that some cannot be trusted to use it appropriately. Lack of trust is one of the biggest reasons consumers switch companies.

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Jun 30

Information Security

Data is not just critical to business it is core. It is the essence of a company’s function. Big data is a major part of that flow, and the more customer data that is out there, the more it needs protection.

As big data gathers momentum, incorporating security into planning and processes in the early stages of a project are becoming more important. The big data revolution is just getting started,” adds Munshani, “and will present major security challenges if its data management is not carefully planned.

Formerly the exclusive domain of IT, information security has now become the domain of everybody including content and knowledge managers.

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Feb 29

Data Security

Data security should be a priority in your organization.

For hackers, large-scale data breaches such as Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, and Staples are gold mines. For businesses, keeping valuable customer data out of the hands of cyber-thieves is a constant battle. Companies need to safeguard against every possible vulnerability across their entire infrastructure.

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