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Information Technology

Nov 22

Choosing the Right Content and Knowledge Management Tools

Choosing the Right Content and Knoledge Management Tools Effective content and knowledge management is a combination of theory, practice, and technology. You should not focus too much on the technology part without considering other parts.   However, effective technology deployment are essential to content and knowledge management success. The challenge is that there is no such thing as "content and knowledge management tools" marketplace. Depending on the application, content and knowledge management can include different types of technology, comprising many diverse market segments.   Today, content and knowledge management practitioners need to follow technology developments.   For many years, the main platforms for content and knowledge management revolved around searchable knowledgebases and discussion forums. Enterprise portals emerged to try to present enterprise information via a single dashboard. That didn't usually work out so well, although portal technology still plays a key role for many use cases today. Read more
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Jan 10

Consequences of GxP/GMP for Information Technology

Consequences of GxP/GMP for Information Technology In my last post, I described the GMP requirements for document control. In this post, I am going to describe the GMP requirements for information technology used in a GMP company.   For a drug to be produced in a GxP compliant manner, some specific information technology practices must be followed. Computer systems involved in the development, manufacture, and sale of regulated product must meet certain requirements. Read more
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