May 30

Oracle Knowledge Management

As customer expectations rise, delivering personalized experiences that improve customer loyalty, increase customer acquisition and optimize efficiency is increasingly more challenging to achieve. It is very important to engage customers in their preferred channel and to minimize the overall effort of that engagement.

A key to minimizing the customer effort is to deploy a knowledge management platform that crosses all channels, presents accurate content from multiple sources, maintains, relevance, and captures feedback for continuous improvement. Oracle Knowledge is a complete knowledge management solution which provides personalized cross-channel service and support.

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Jan 27

Content Management Systems Reviews - Oracle UCM

Content Management Systems Reviews - Oracle UCM Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM), formerly Stellent, is a component CMS and supports the entire content lifecycle. Component CMS manages content at a component level rather than at the document level.   Oracle UCM manages the entire spectrum of unstructured content - from documents, graphics, and Web pages to scanned images, e-mail, and records.   Oracle UCM converts over 500 file formats to web-ready formats such as HTML, XML, GIF and PDF, and delivers content via web sites, desktops, syndication feeds, mobile devices, and web services.   It integrates with Microsoft Office, Outlook, AutoCAD, Lotus Notes. It includes multi-site web content management, document and image management, digital asset management, records and retention management, personalized content delivery, categorization, portal integration, SharePoint integration, document capture and scanning integration, content conversion and transformation. Read more
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