Jan 18

Content Management Systems Reviews - TeamSite

Content Management Systems Reviews - TeamSite In my previous posts, I described component content management. A component content management system (CCMS) is used for managing component content.   A component content management system (CCMS) is a content management system that manages content at a granular or component level rather than at the document level. There are few of them in today's market including Interwoven, Documentum, AuthorIT, DocZone, Vasont, SiberLogic, Trisoft, Astoria, Tridion. In this my post, I am going to describe Interwoven.   This system is made by Interwoven company which was purchased by Autonomy which in turn was purchased by HP. Autonomy TeamSite is a market-leading content management system for content authoring, site design and layout, content targeting, advanced analytics, workflows, and archiving.   Interwoven TeamSite® is the industry’s most advanced Web Content Management System. For enterprises, TeamSite powers corporate and ecommerce web sites, employee intranets, support portals, marketing microsites, and extranets as well as e-mail, wireless, and print. Read more
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