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Unified Data

Jul 7

Unified Data Management

Unified Data ManagementIn most organizations today, information is managed in isolated silos by independent teams using various tools for data quality, data integration, data governance, metadata and master data management, B2B data exchange, content management, database administration, information life-cycle management, and so on.

In response to this situation, some organizations are adopting Unified Data Management (UDM), a practice that holistically coordinates teams and integrates tools. Other common names for this practice include enterprise data management and enterprise information management.

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Feb 1

Unified Data Strategy

Unified Data Strategy The amount of data being created, captured, and managed worldwide is increasing at a rate that was inconceivable a few years ago. Data is a collection of discrete units of information but like the stars in the night sky taken together form an organized structure.   Unstructured data comes in many different formats including pictures, videos, audio, PDF files, spreadsheets, documents, email, and many other formats.    Sometimes unstructured data lives within a database. Sometimes the database acts as an index for the unstructured data. Often the metadata (information about the data) associated with the unstructured data is larger than the data itself. Consider the example of a set of videos. Although the files may be small in size, the information stored regarding the content within a particular video may be very big. Often unstructured data is also called big data. Read more
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