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Nov 19


Taxonomy Taxonomy is very important in content management. It ensures that search and navigation work properly and that content is accessible and can be found via two access points: searching and browsing.   Taxonomy is the science and practice of classification. The word is derived from Greek words "taxis" meaning "arrangement" and "nomia" which means "method". Taxonomy uses taxonomic units, known as taxa (singular taxon). A taxonomy, or taxonomic scheme, is a particular classification ("the taxonomy of ..."), arranged in a hierarchical structure or classification scheme. Read more
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Nov 18

What is the difference between documents management and document control?

What is the difference between documents management and document control? I have been asked many times about the difference between document management and document control. Today's post is about this subject.   Document Management is also referred to as Content Management. Content Management is the set of processes and technologies that support the collection, managing, and publishing of electronic information. These processes and technologies allow managing electronic content through its lifecycle from its creation, review, storage and dissemination to destruction. Main goals are accessibility, findability, and re-use of content. Read more
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Nov 16

Preserve and Deliver Components of ECM Cycle

Preserve and Deliver Components of ECM CycleToday, I will talk about two last components of ECM cycle - Preserve and Deliver.   Preserve
  Eventually, content ceases to change and becomes static. The "Preserve" components of ECM handle the long-term, safe storage and backup of static information, as well as the temporary storage of information that does not need to be archived. A content management system usually has capabilities to accommodate these functions.Read more
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Nov 15

Store Component of ECM Cycle

Store Component of ECM Cycle Yesterday, I talked about "Manage" component of ECM cycle. Today, I will talk about "Store" component.   "Store" components store information that has been captured. The "Store" components can be divided into three categories: Repositories as storage locations, Library Services as administration components for repositories, and Storage Technologies. These infrastructure components are sometimes held at the operating system level, and also include security technologies that work together with the "Deliver" components. Read more
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Nov 14

ECM Components

ECM Components As I mentioned in my last post, ECM combines five components: capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver.   Capture of content in the content management environment is usually performed using content management system. I will talk about content management systems in my future posts.   After content has been captured, it moves to the "manage" component of the process. As I mentioned in my last post, "manage" component includes document management, web content management, collaboration, documents workflow, and records management. Let's look more closely into these components.   Read more
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