Content and Knowledge Management

In our society recorded information and knowledge are growing in volume and complexity. Organizations are acquiring and using information at greater rates than at any time in the past. The massive volume of information is matched by the variety of formats in which it is created and delivered.

Content is fuel of any organization. It powers your organization and drives your work. Its power to create value is tremendous. It is the basis for most business processes and it can create a decisive competitive advantage. Knowledge-enabled employees through knowledge management can transform work experience, increase efficiency and productivity, increase revenue, and reduce costs. Leveraging information into actionable knowledge is critical to answering questions, improving experiences, and accurately resolving problems.

Our content and knowledge management services include methodologies that allow content to be identified and managed from its creation to its destruction:

  • development and documenting your organization's requirements for a content and knowledge management solution;
  • compiling content inventories and maps;
  • creating content strategy;
  • recommendation and vendor selection of content management and knowledge base systems;
  • deployment, functional testing, administration, and support of content management and knowledge base systems;
  • content publishing;
  • implementation of document workflows;
  • development and implementation of content and knowledge management guidelines, policies, processes, and procedures;
  • training users in content management or knowledge base system and in content and knowledge management procedures. 

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