Enterprise Search

Enterprise search is the practice of identifying and enabling content across the entire organization to be indexed, searched, and displayed to authorized users. Optimized search is the key which allows users to locate exact information what they are looking for.

Enterprise search affects every organization. Employees within an organization should be able to find the correct and the most current information when they are searching for it. When customers visit a company website, they should be able to locate the products and services with ease.

Time employees waste being lost on your Intranet or pondering how to find the information is money you waste by paying them to be at work without getting work done. If it is a customer serving or e-commerce website, it is a lost sale.

Optimized enterprise search allows your employees and customers to locate the information they need quickly and easily.

Our enterprise search services include:

  • enabling and optimizing search in content management and knowledge base systems, web portals, and websites.

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