Records Management

Records management currently has increased interest among organizations due to new compliance regulations and statutes. Organizations renewed their interest in corporate records compliance, retention period requirements, litigation preparedness, and related issues. There are renewed requirements that result in more standardization of records management practices within an organization.

Regulations require that email, paper, and electronic documents are classified, stored, managed, and readily accessible for accountability. However, organizations' records tend to be distributed far and wide across the organization and it could be misfiled and retained longer than required driving up the cost of storage and access, while increasing the likelihood of noncompliance and financial penalty. There is the risk is that a single business record can become a great liability in a litigation, or a compliance audit.

Our records management services include:

  • solutions to ensure that your organization has a central point of access and management of all records repositories;
  • development and implementation of proactive and continuous records retention and disposition strategies;
  • audit and monitoring that your organization's record keeping practices are in full compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • scanning, cataloguing, inventory, disposition, and archiving of records.

Our records management services will help you to ensure that your organization disposes and destroys records as soon as regulations and good business practices allow in order to reduce storage loads and protect against litigation. Your organization is going to be able to supply records relevant to an official inquiry without incurring substantial discovery costs or disrupting normal business functions. 

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