• Taxonomy and Metadata Development and Management

Taxonomy and Metadata Development and Management

Taxonomy and metadata are very important in content management and information architecture. They ensure that search and navigation work properly and that content is accessible and can be found via searching and browsing.

Taxonomy is the foundation on which to base any kind of information system. Whether a structured tool such as a CRM system, or a less structured one, like a content management system that organizes information for websites or Intranets, all technologies that deal with information require a basis in taxonomy. This is even more important when various systems must interact.

Metadata is structured information that describes, explains, locates or otherwise makes it easier to retrieve, use, or manage information resources. Without properly structured metadata in place, search will not work.

Controlled vocabularies create a common language for sharing concepts and further enables search across information resources.

A well implemented taxonomy will make information in your organization more accessible, easier to locate & re-use, and ultimately, more valuable.

Our taxonomy and metadata development and management services include:

  • development and management customized taxonomies;
  • development and management ontologies;
  • development and management metadata;
  • development and management controlled vocabularies;
  • development and management naming and numbering conventions. 

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