Many organizations today face the very real risk of being audited or sued. Their content includes e-mail, electronic content, social media, and data residing in multiple systems and other applications as well as hard copy documents.

This content tends to be distributed far and wide across the organization and it could be misfiled and retained longer than required. There is a risk that a single business record can become a great liability in a litigation or a compliance audit.

E-Discovery preparedness makes it imperative for organizations to develop an enterprise wide strategy to manage the volume of electronic information. The discovery process affects many individuals in an organization, not just lawyers and others involved in discovery, but also IT professionals and records managers, who have to be prepared to produce electronic content for discovery and litigation.

Organizations need to have an ability to respond to legal request, to solve litigation issue, mitigate the risk of sanctions, reduce impact and cost associated with future litigation. If an organization is unable to execute a discovery order because it is unable to locate all content in a timely manner, this could have a considerable cost.

We will ensure that your content is managed, retained, and can be quickly found and produced when it is required to do so in audits, investigations, and litigation. As a result of our solution, you will be able to avoid substantial discovery costs and discovery that disrupts normal business functions.

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