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Manual Processes

Every organization has processes that require approval or review of a group of people. This could be a project plan, a proposal, or some other important documents. If these processes are handled manually, this could take a long time and as the result, efficiency and productivity are lost.

Approval and review processes involve managing the logistics of getting the document to the right people, keeping track of which people have approved or reviewed the document, and formally recording their approval or review. Unless your organization has developed formal approval and review processes, you may be in a situation where you routinely manage the approval or review for important business documents on an ad hoc basis. Such situation could become a great liability if you are unable to prove that you obtained approval from the right people.

We will enable the automation of your documents moving through a sequence of actions or tasks. This will streamline the required cost and time to coordinate common business processes by managing and tracking the human tasks involved in these processes. You will be able to concentrate on performing your work instead of managing the logistics of the documents approval and review processes. You also will meet regulatory and legal requirements.

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