Eleonora is an expert in information management. We leaned really heavily on her to help us work out a digital asset management solution. She did a market evaluation, contacted vendors, ran our evaluation meetings and then hands-on evaluated products. Eleonora is clear, concise and expressed a refreshing clarity of thought, the cherry on top is that she is also a lovely person to work with. I can absolutely recommend Eleonora.

Dan McLean
Guzman y Gomez - Client

"Eleonora filled roles as Taxonomist and Content Analyst as part of my content strategy team at Apple. While on my team, I came to appreciate her professionalism, candor and quality of work. She consistently displayed a willingness to do whatever was needed to support the team. I felt very confident in Eleonora to be dependable and proactive."

Lance Kunnath, Manager, Content Strategy and Optimization, Apple
managed Eleonora directly at Apple

"I had the pleasure of working with Eleonora at Immersion, and have been impressed with her conscientiousness and attention to detail. She is very customer-focused, and works hard to meet the needs of everyone who relies on her output."

Alfred Woo, Director of Product Marketing, Immersion Corporation
worked with Eleonora at Immersion Corporation

"I had the opportunity to work with Eleonora at Dialog. Eleonora is very knowledgeable, experienced, and hard working. She is very organized and methodical in her approach to managing tasks and solving problems, and has a fine attention to detail -- qualities that helped make her successful as a QA/Content Analyst. Eleonora truly cares about her work. I am confident that she would be very valuable to any organization."

Geoffrey Dick, Director, Publisher Relations, Dialog
managed Eleonora indirectly at Dialog Corporation

"During the time Eleonora and I worked at Praxair, I was very impressed with her ability to manage the document control department. She was instrumental in the re-organizing the entire system of document control, creating an extensive database of documents using MS Access, and developing documentation standards. The document control system created and managed by Eleonora was highly praised by FAA and airlines.

Eleonora is known for the dedication to the high quality of work, ability to meet multiple deadlines, strong orientation to details, excellent analytical, organizational, customer service, and communication skills. She is great to work with, and she gets her tasks done faster than expected. She brings to the job the sincerity and true caring for her work and for fellow employees. It is without hesitation that I recommend her to any group who has a need of a proactive, hard working, dedicated employee. I am sure she will be a great asset to any company she works for with her positive attitude, attention to detail, and professionalism."

Robert Stanis, Quality Manager/General Manager, Praxair
managed Eleonora indirectly at Praxair, Inc.