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Galaxy Consulting has been selected for the 2016 Best of Redwood City Awards for Records Management Consulting & Service.

Enterprise search is the practice of identifying and enabling content across the entire organization to be indexed, searched, and displayed to authorized users. Optimized search is the key which allows users to locate exact information that they are looking for.

Enterprise search affects every organization. Employees within an organization should be able to find the correct and the most current information when they are searching for it. When customers visit a company website, they should be able to locate the products and services with ease.

Time employees waste being lost on your Intranet or pondering how to find the information is money you waste by paying them to be at work without getting work done. If it is a customer serving or e-commerce website, it is a lost sale.

Our enterprise search solutions will enable your employees and customers to locate the information they need quickly and easily. We will enable and optimize search in content management and knowledge base systems, web portals, and websites.

People don't talk much about the value of information but information is the strategic asset of a company. Information assets have tremendous value. This could be an intellectual property, financial information, technical information, product roadmaps, manufacturing plans, vendor supply lists, marketing and promotional strategies, etc.

It is imperative to have a policy to protect these information assets and to enforce such policy across an organization. This policy should include effective content controls, allowing all information to be securely and properly shared across departments, geographic locations, and systems.

We will design and implement solutions to ensure that your valuable information assets are protected. Our set of policies, procedures, processes, roles, metrics, and controls will help you to manage your information in such a way that supports your organization's immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, and operational requirements. 

Every organization has processes that require approval or review of a group of people. This could be a project plan, a proposal, or some other important documents. If these processes are handled manually, this could take a long time and as the result, efficiency and productivity are lost.

Approval and review processes involve managing the logistics of getting the document to the right people, keeping track of which people have approved or reviewed the document, and formally recording their approval or review. Unless your organization has developed formal approval and review processes, you may be in a situation where you routinely manage the approval or review for important business documents on an ad hoc basis. Such situation could become a great liability if you are unable to prove that you obtained approval from the right people.

We will enable the automation of your documents moving through a sequence of actions or tasks. This will streamline the required cost and time to coordinate common business processes by managing and tracking the human tasks involved in these processes. You will be able to concentrate on performing your work instead of managing the logistics of the documents approval and review processes. You also will meet regulatory and legal requirements.

Service and support organizations are more efficient when they have access to knowledge in order to assist customers. With this knowledge, service and support can be made more effective, products can be improved, and customer experience can be enhanced.

Problems are solved once and customer support agents don’t have to repeat the work that others have already done or bother escalation teams with already known issues.

When customers are able to find answers to their questions in company's knowledge base system, they are able to help themselves. If customers can use self-service to receive help on topics, this enables customers' call deflection. Effective self-service would remove case load that is low value to the enterprise or an irritant to customers. This saves money and makes customers happier which in turn nurtures customers' loyalty.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to receive these benefits if knowledge management processes are not established and knowledge base is not optimized. In this case, support organizations have difficulties finding answers and solutions to customer's queries and are not able to efficiently serve them. Customers get frustrated when they can't find answers to their questions. In many cases, they may not even call customer support. They may either abandon a product or go to another provider.

We will design and implement solutions to ensure that you service and support organizations are efficient and your customers receive excellent quality service either from your customer support organization or by self-service on your website.

Collaboration is the art of working together. It allows employees with complementary areas of expertise to create better results faster. They share information, they work together in teams, and they manage projects.

It can be a challenge to collaborate effectively, if there are no tools and processes to easily communicate, share information, and coordinate projects details and deadlines among a large group of people. In order to collaborate, your employees need to have a real time access to relative and current information. They need to be able to access this information at any time irrespective of their location.

New employees onboarding refers to the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective members of an organization. They need to have an access to relevant documents so that they could come to speed quickly and efficiently. Time new employees waste being lost on pondering how to find information is money you waste by paying them to be at work without getting work done.

Our solutions will provide a platform and processes to enhance and maximize employees collaboration and to make new employees onboarding quick and efficient. 

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