• Reduce costs, boost revenues, and benefit your employees by
    centralizing your media assets, documentation, and knowledge base.
    Have Galaxy Consulting do that for you!
  • Increase your competitive edge by giving everyone in key areas fast,
    real-time access to relevant information.
    Have Galaxy Consulting make that happen for you!
  • Your employees will better serve your customers,
    build more innovative products, and sell more when
    they have the right information at the right time.
    Have Galaxy Consulting ensure that they do!
  • Make certain you are ready for regulatory and legal
    compliance, internal and external audits through effective
    content management and document control.
    Have Galaxy Consulting perform those functions for you!
  • Boost your efficiency and productivity through managing
    the volume and complexity of information.
    Have Galaxy Consulting create a solution for you!

Welcome to Galaxy Consulting!

Award new

Galaxy Consulting has been selected for the 2016 Best of Redwood City Awards for Records Management Consulting & Service.

Over the years, Galaxy Consulting had the honor and privilege of working with companies in several industries to lead content and knowledge management initiatives, implement and administer document control systems, develop and manage taxonomies, enable and optimize enterprise search, develop and implement content and knowledge management and document control guidelines, policies, processes, and procedures, and to develop and implement users training programs.

During this work we have accumulated knowledge. We would like to share our work experience and knowledge with you and to help you to transform your business.

Clients that benefited from our services include: