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Galaxy Consulting has been selected for the 2016 Best of Redwood City Awards for Records Management Consulting & Service.


A decision to implement enterprise search cannot be taken lightly. Many companies end up frustrated with high priced products that failed to live up to their expectations. However, these companies typically put little effort into creating a compelling search experience especially given the potential productivity gains effective search can bring. To avoid the failed search experience, information and knowledge management professionals should follow these steps to maximize the impact of their search investments, while minimizing the risk of over-investing in the technology.


Information is the lifeblood of any modern-day business. search can bring. Companies succeed or faulter based on the reliability, availability, and security of their data. Strategically created enterprise-wide frameworks that define how information is controlled, accessed and used are the most critical elements in a successful information management program. This framework is information governance.

This white paper gives an insight on why information governance is important, where to begin with the information governance, and what needs to be considered in information governance policies. Information governance policies as they relate to crisis management and e-discovery as well as general information governance points are also described.

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