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Award new

Galaxy Consulting has been selected for the 2016 Best of Redwood City Awards for Records Management Consulting & Service.

googleEvaluated the quality of the web coverage for Google queries as well as web pages selected by Google query logs. Assigned merit and category ratings to web pages pulled out by Google. Ensured that web pages meet Google quality guidelines.  Assessed the authoritativeness, topical pertinence, and overall quality of web pages.

Apple logo blackOptimized support center content and search. Developed content management procedures. Created knowledge base content inventories and developed taxonomy of topics covered by these inventories.

WINDERIVER-WEBImplemented the re-structuring of the content and the information architecture of the content management system based on Twiki. Defined and improved content management guidelines, processes and procedures.

visa-webDeveloped synonyms, autocomplete, spellcheck, exceptions, and subject dictionaries for FAST search engine. Optimized search on the web site. Developed and implemented Best Bets on the web site. Created topics list and indexed web site content using topics from this list. Created the dashboard of the site metrics/analytics.

tecno 1397647611
Developed furniture taxonomy.

Clients that benefited from our services include: